Insurance Restoration

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Insurance Restoration - Aumillers Inc

squirrelAumiller's specializes in the roof and chimney repair of damage caused by raccoons and other animals. Repairs may involve minor roofing and soffit fascia replacement or attic insulation and drywall repairs. We are certified in the hazardous waste removal of animal feces, urine odors and urine stains from ceiling drywall areas.

Raccoon Damage Restoration

batDid you know your insurance will pay for animal damage if it's caused by raccoons? Damage from raccoons and other animals is usually covered under homeowners property loss insurance.

Aumiller's Inc. understands the various problems associated with these problems. We go to extremes to remove all contaminants, and then restore your home to its pre-raccoon condition.

Contact us today in order to have us work on these animal problems.

Chimney Repairs & Services

RaccoonAumiller's Inc. will perform a wide variety of chimney repairs to maintain your fireplace and chimney operating at it's optimum. Replacements and conversions are also available.

Most damage to fireplaces and chimneys is caused by chimney fires. Wind damage, storm damage, lightning, fallen trees and age represent other reasons to have your fireplace checked. Oftentimes, the homeowner doesn't know the chimney is in need of repair.